Thursday, 11 June 2009

Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

It's Fathers' Day on the 21st of June. Eek! It's hard enough trying to find a good birthday and Christmas present for my Dad...let alone something for this extra date. I've done the predictable CD/DVD/book/golf-ball options pretty much every year. My Dad always acts like he's suprised...hmmm really?!

So let's do something different for our Dad's this Fathers' Day, let's be a bit original - let's get something for them that shows how much we do appreciate the old boys. I've been scouring Alfies and come up with some ideas to help you (and me!)

An original 1920s nickel and silver Omega pocket watch called Turler
Mo Heidarieh

A 1930s Mappin & Web ice bucket.
W & L Antiques

An excellent quality 1950s Danish leather swivel chair
Stephen Lazarus

Miniature Gin Bar with glasses and decanter
Ian Broughton

A very desirable pair of Edwardian gentleman's antique cufflinks in 9ct gold
Peter & Naneen Brooks

A selection of gifts available from
Robinson Antiques

Some food for thought. But if you are still in really big trouble trying to pick something out for your Dad, you can never go wrong with the Alfies Gift Certificates (available in £10, £20 & £50 denominations)...Now there's an idea!



Too cute, great advice.
OMG! This is awesome.

Thanks for the advice. You can also check Fathers Day Discounted Suits. Its also a great gift idea for dads out there this coming Fathers day.

Unknown said...

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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