Thursday, 9 July 2009

Cocktail Hour at Alfies

While the first cocktail is believed to have been served in 1803, its fragmented history suggests the cocktail was only widely recognised later on in the 19th Century. The cocktail particularly flourished in the 20th Century during the American Prohibition of 1919-1933, when mixers and spirits were commonly consumed at illegal parties and bars.

The quintessentially American martini has a glass that acts as a universal symbol for the cocktail. With its long thin stem keeping its liquid contents cool, the glass is both a distinctive and practical shape. The martini glass is also distinguished from other glasses by its conical shaped bowl that helps to keep the ingredients from separating. While some believe its shape is also said to bring out the gin’s bouquet others say it was designed to show off the olive or onion best.

Alfies offers a wide selection of pieces to make a very special cocktail hour... then again, perhaps an hour isn't long enough to show them off? Why restrict yourself - have a cocktail evening!

A small selection of Art Deco drinking glasses from a wide range available including Whitefriars

Robinson Antiques

A 1930's glass Art Deco cocktail shaker featuring a drunken man and lampost.

The Girl Can't Help It

Complete set of 1950's 'Glass-Mate' stirrers in original box.

The Originals - Paola & Iaia

c.1920s 4 piece Deco barware set in box. Including cocktail spoon, ice tongs, measure cup and ice hammer.

Goldsmith & Perris

So your bar is set up and looking glamorously retro, but what about you? After all that effort you should look the part too. Now, how about a cocktail ring?

A 1930's diamond cocktail ring in 18kt gold

Marie Antiques

1920's Art Deco Cocktail Diamond and Ruby Ring.

Connie Speight

And what do you know! We've discovered that there's an Alfies cocktail. It sounds delicious, so to finish off the Alfies cocktail experience here is the recipe:


1 dash Triple Sec

1 1/2 oz Lemon Vodka

1 tbsp Pineapple Juice


Combine and shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass (from Alfies!) and serve.

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