Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mad Men Returns

Mad Men returns to our screens this year with Series 3! What better way to spend those cold dark evenings than watching a programme oozing fantastic 1960s style. From the ultra feminine ladies and slick suited men right through the the gorgeous set and interiors we will definitely be coveting everything Mad Men related!

Here is a little inspiration from Alfies if you are as obsessed with the glamour of Mad Men as us!

For the ultimate 1960s power office..

A sleek 1950s/60s rosewood Giancarlo Frattini desk. From Francesca Martire.

A black and gilt metal 1960s German desk lamp, £225. From Lorna Lee Leslie.

A beautiful 1960s rosewood Italian sideboard by F. Albini. From Modo Italia.

Let's face it, the big draw to Mad Men is the amazing outfits worn by the women in the show. They look so beautiful and well groomed, it puts us modern ladies to shame! But fear not, this look is very obtainable when you shop vintage!

The three main female characters in the show have their own unique style, Betty Draper (wife of the lead Don Draper) is a former model turned perfect housewife. Her style is very elegant - think full skirts, petticoats, silk scarves and beautiful cocktail dresses.

1950s Dark and pale pink tafetta cocktail dress with net underskirt from Deborah Woof Vintage

Second of these powerful ladies is Joan Holloway. Joan is the office manager of advertising agency Sterling Cooper and looks after all the secretaries in the office. Joan is a bold, strong character and is considered a "Queen Bee" in the office.

Joan has a classic hourglass figure and dresses to suit her shape. So her staples are figure hugging dresses, blouses and pencil skirts to suit her office job.

Kelly green bubble bottom cocktail dress from The Girl Can't Help It.

Lastly is Peggy Olsen, the youngest of the three. Peggy's style is more about growing up and maturing as she develops her place in Sterling Cooper. In the show we see her start as a secretary and work her way up to a copywriter, working in a male dominated industry.

She wears lots of plaid and textured fabrics also a longer length on skirts and dresses. She dresses to suit her character, she wants to be taken seriously!

Two piece belted grey circle skirt & blouse with black velvet trim from The Girl Can't Help It

These looks can be finished off with a period hairstyle from Nina's Hair Parlour. Whether is Betty's loose curls or Don's sleeked back look its all possible at Nina's, London's first vintage and retro hair parlour.

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Rose said...

great post- especially like the final two piece outfit- LOVE Mad Men, I'm a Joan figure wise but I think vintage shapes are more flattering for everyone.

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