Saturday, 16 January 2010

Why you should buy vintage at Alfies

Apart from the obvious reason that most of us like to have an individual style and make our look and home an expression of who we are, we have compiled a list of reasons that should convert anyone to a real vintage lover.

Getting Started

Buying vintage clothing is probably the easiest and safest way of avoiding bumping into someone wearing (gasp!) the same item. You can easily add an individual touch to your outfit by adding vintage accessories, think colourful silk scarves, unusual handbags, period jewellery and interesting head wear.

Connie Speight, Persiflage and The Originals to name but a few have plenty of affordable accessories on offer. That should get you started and you will soon be back to buy something more 'daring', like a bold statement piece to really make you stand out.

Art Deco Evening bag from Connie Speight, Jewellery from The Originals

Or perhaps a whole outfit? You can find plenty to choose from at Deborah Woolf Vintage here at Alfies as well as at The Girl Can't Help It and Empire Vintage. Take your time browsing and find the piece you really love while learning more about it from our incredibly knowledgeable dealers.

Inside Deborah Woolf's shop

Empire Vintage

Eco Friendly

Buying vintage and antique items from Alfies is also a 'green' way of shopping, hop on the bus or tube and that way you keep your carbon footprint low. You can see and check everything here so no need to have items shipped to you (and running the risk of not liking them in the end). We are within easy access of public transport and you can spend your whole day here, taking a break from shopping in The Rooftop Restaurant.


Of course you also avoid mass production and possible support of sweatshops and generally being a member of this - at times - 'disposable' society; not to mention the impact of fabric production. Our vintage items are real finds that will be treasured in the family over generations, most of them bear a story and they all have plenty of character.

Pay a visit to Manic Attic to find something stylish to give your interior an authentic vintage touch. Then move to East West Antique and Books to have a rummage through their great collection of books, toys and small artefact's.

One of the many glass sets available at Manic Attic


And should you wish to invest in some beautiful art or perhaps an original timepiece you must stop at N&S Watches on the ground floor. They will also be happy to repair your watch at a very reasonable rate.

1940's Movado watch

Again, to avoid disposing of beautiful items why not check out our expert services, apart from the framers and upholsterer featured in our last blog, you can also find a silversmith in Michelle Payne's unit, as well as Victor Caplin on the ground floor who sells a wide array of objects and also creates and re-strings wonderful antique beaded necklaces and pearls.

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