Thursday, 19 January 2012

Alfies Fashion Resolutions for 2012

Start the New Year fresh & organised by cleaning out your closet. Get rid of everything you haven't worn for over a year. Throw away pieces that no longer fit. Hang up your dresses, fold your shirts neatly and put your accessories back where they belong. Once the clutter is gone, you can start creating a style and look that works for you.

1. Wear More Colours.
It's scientifically proven that colours affect our emotions and our behavior. Try to wear a more colourful palette and you will feel happier.

1960s pink & lace evening dress from Persiflage. Vintage yellow evening dress 
with sequins from Velvet Atelier. 1960s red cotton velvet dress from Persiflage.

2. Invest in Classic High-Quality Pieces.
Always choose quality over quantity. Invest in classic high-quality pieces and create a vintage and timeless look. 

1920s Art-Deco kimono,1940s sailor dress and a 1920s pink & lace evening dress. 
All dresses are from Velvet Atelier.

3. Experiment with Accessories.
With the right accessories you can turn an ordinary outfit into something amazing. Create excitement and variety in your outfit by wearing a bold floral hat or a pair of multi-coloured killer heels. 

Selection of hats and accessories from The Girl Can't Help It.

4. Wear More Prints.
Don't be afraid to experiment with prints. Try something new like a psychedelic print or a floral motif.

Selection of vintage dresses with colourful prints from Persiflage

 5. Invest in a High-Quality Vintage Handbag.
Every stylish lady should invest in a quality vintage handbag that lasts a lifetime. With a creamy vintage handbag you simply can't go wrong.
Selection of vintage creamy handbags from June Victor & Carole Collier.

Have a look at for more gorgeous dresses, colourful hats and other wonderful vintage accessories.

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