Saturday, 14 January 2012

New Dealers

Teria Shapani and Yasmen UK Ltd are the latest dealers to join Alfies.

Faiez of Yasmen UK Ltd specialises in old and antique Persian rugs.

A view of Faiez's stand, F022

Some facts about Faiez:

His interest in antiques developed in his mid twenties when his father was an antiques dealer.

The oldest item he has is a Tabriz rug which is 97 years old.

His favourite item is the Kashmir rug because it is beautiful in design. They are intricate designs that are primarily Oriental floral style and come in a range of colors, designs, sizes and qualities.

Persian rugs

Yasmen UK Ltd  Stand F022.

Teria Shapani sells mid 19th - 20th century furniture and home furnishings such as mirrors and chandeliers. She also has a large selection of silverware and jewellery.

French 10 arm crystal chandelier, circa 1910

I asked Teria a few questions.

How did your interest in antiques develop?
I have always had an appreciation and love for the craftsmanship and skill that went into creating what I can only call works of art. They feed my creativity. I can sit in this french corner chair and marvel at the creators imagination and the talent and physical skill applied to manifest what was once just a vision in his mind. Each scroll, each leaf delicately carved, and with such precision before covering with gesso.  And then the crowning glory of gold leaf. These beauties never fail to inspire me. Or look at these wonderful mirrors with original mercury glass,  how can I not help wondering,  'did the mercury  involved in creating these literally drive someone mad?'  Or I can stare over to the chandelier and delight in the magnificence of the ballroom where it once lived.

Pair of Swedish bergeres, circa 1920's
I am fascinated and intrigued by the history of both the furniture and silver which I sell. I have silverware which are inscribed or monogrammed.  People ask me why I don't have these removed.  I tell them it's for the same reason I sell Victorian lockets with the original photos, 'It is not my place to erase history'.
What is your favourite item?
I do not have a favourite piece. Each has it's own beauty and it's own story to tell.  And all are equally valid.
What is your price range?
My price range is vast. from £3.00 silver vintage charms to the £5,500 19th century Swedish sideboard.
Teria Shapani  Stand S003/S005


Joy said...

Antique Persian rugs tell so much story. The colors and the way the patterns are made say so much about where they came from. They're a great accent to any room. These are beautiful! Sharafi & Co

Joy said...

These are beautiful antique Persian rugs. The colors are gorgeous! Sharafi & Co

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