Thursday, 30 August 2012

Astor Place London

In the basement of Alfies you will discover a labyrinth, with each turn presenting a visual delight of carefully sourced pieces and curiosities, a mix of vintage and bespoke. 

Please tell us about yourselves
Astor Place London is an eclectic mix of vintage and new linked by the common theme of understated luxury, style and exceptional craftsmanship.  Our aim is to create that magical feeling that anything is possible and you never know what you may discover.  Be that with our Jewellery, Vintage Furniture or Accessories Collection.
What attracts you to Mid Century design?
It was such an inspirational and creative time in design. A period which gave us so many wonderful classics that somehow always manage to adapt to their surroundings and continue to be timeless.
What is your favourite item in the shop and why?
That has to be a pair of fabulous 1960s swivel tub chairs by Leon Rosen for Pace – they are so striking yet simple in design. 
1960s swivel tub chairs by Leon Rosen for Pace
What is your price range?
We are keen to make sure that we cater for all tastes and budgets – With this in mind you will find anything from a handmade picture frame to a dining table and set of chairs. 
Astor Place London,
Lower Ground Floor,
Alfies Antique Market

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