Thursday, 17 April 2014

Art Deco

As the German art school Bauhaus (active years 1919-1933) saw the potential in bringing crafts together under one roof to form a unifying umbrella between different art expressions, the art deco style affected not only fashion and jewellery made at the time, but everything from furniture and kitchenware to product design and transport. Art deco took its form in the 1920s and stayed influential throughout the 1930s.

At the time Europe was recovering from war and therefore designs were made in cheaper materials such as Bakelite, an early plastic, which opened up new possibilities when it came to colour and shape. But art deco was not just something made more affordable through machine production, as it also offered exclusive handcrafted art.

Art deco is inspired by geometric shapes, bright colours, modern materials, nature motifs; archaeological discoveries also drew an interest towards early Egypt and Meso-America.

At Alfies you can find a comprehensive collection of items and collectables signed just that; art deco.

Alfies decorative facade is art deco 
An art deco lighter offered by Tony Durante
Ring offered by Pars Jewellery
Earrings offered by Pars Jewellery

Chair offered by Thirteen Interiors
Purse offered by Tony Durante
Cigaret holders made out of Bakelite offered by Tony Durante 
Bakelite collectables offered by The Originals


Unknown said...

Some great pieces. Love art deck.

Unknown said...

Some great pieces, love art deck.

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