Monday, 13 July 2015

Newly Open - Atomium

A warm welcome to Tom of Atomium, who has recently moved into the Second Floor Gallery. You'll find an incredible range of antiquarian books and an eclectic mix of vintage objects such as furniture, posters, jewellery and glassware, dating from the Victorian period to mid century. Prices range from £5 to £500.

Tom's personal favourite item in his shop is Tabatha
"a tailor's dummy from Selfridges, so she's posh!"

"All items are carefully chosen (or occasionally randomly selected), especially the books, where it's always best to be eclectic. The First Editions are always popular."

When it comes to buying vintage, Tom advises to "buy what you like, even if you paid too much, at least you like it". This could be our new mantra!

Unit S008 
Second Floor Gallery

Tel: 07905 271 082

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