Saturday, 29 August 2015

Let's Party- London's Notting Hill Carnival

Join in the party this weekend, with a sea of stunning colours, dazzling costumes, floats and sparkling street performers, as the Notting Hill Carnival celebrates London's multicultural past and present. Whether you want to join in the fun and dancing or simply watch the parades, this bank holiday weekend, August 30 to 31 2015, the streets of Notting Hill turn into Europe's biggest and best street festival.

Image sourced from Hello Magazine

Since 1964, the capital's Caribbean communities have celebrated their culture and traditions at this two-day festival of fantastic live music, dancing, performances, floats, steel bands and an array of delicious Afro-Caribbean foods to try.

The first carnival in Notting Hill was to showcase the steel band musicians who played at Earls Court each weekend. When the bands performed around the streets of Notting Hill their music and celebrations reminded the residents of the Caribbean homes they had left behind. This then became a yearly tradition and to the vibrant street party it is today.

The origin of the carnival dates back to the early 19th century Caribbean carnivals, in particular Trinidad's, which celebrated the abolition of slavery and the slave trade. Having been forbidden to have festivals or celebrations of their own during the times of slavery, the people of Trinidad took full advantage of the new freedoms and there was a strong aspect of parody in the songs and dances performed.

The bright costumes have become a vital part of the street celebrations and at Alfies we have an abundance of colourful bags, spectacular costume jewellery and vintage clothing perfect for the weekend's festivities.

1950s green glass and plastic bead carnival necklace. Offered by Tony Durante

1950s American blue floral hat. Offered by Carole Collier

1950s American Sacs 5th Avenue clutch bag with compact mirror and silk purse. Offered by Carole Collier

A stunning vintage belly dancing costume made of silver wooden beads and green jewels. Offered by Tin Tin Collectables

1920s rock crystal 18ct diamond earrings. Offered by Pari's Jewellery

1980s gold disco earrings. Offered by Tony Durante

An early 20th century Japanese decorative head dress. Offered by Tin Tin Collectables

A beautiful 20th century statement necklace. Offered by Gloria Sinclair

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