Friday, 14 August 2015

Time For Tea

Afternoon tea, the perfect British pass time. If ever there's a rainy day, put the kettle on. Any problem big or small - a nice cup of tea will make it better. Tea has been a firm favourite with us Brits since the 18th century, and we have the world's greatest tea consumption per capita! To celebrate our love for the beloved hot beverage, this week - Monday 10th to Sunday 16th August - it is National Afternoon Tea Week.

National Afternoon Tea Week. Image by

Between 1720 and 1750 the imports of tea to Britain through the British East India Company more than quadrupled, making it a highly valuable item to trade. Again, between 1872 and 1884 the supply of tea to the British Empire increased with the expansion of the railway to the east. From 1884 onwards, due to it's growing popularity, the prices dropped and the drink thus became a choice not only for the upper classes but for people of all backgrounds to enjoy. London became the centre of the international tea trade and with this came a large increase in the demand for porcelain from tea cups, pots and saucers.

At Alfies we have a number of dealers who specialise in fine china, oriental porcelain, silver teapots and everything in between. Here are just a few we have to offer.

A 1930s Sadlers car teapot. Offered by Beth

1930s Japanese tea set, decorated with Moriage detailing. Offered by Horner Antiques

1920s boxed and signed Murano gilt glass cups and saucers decorated with cherries. Offered by Nadine Okker

1790 English silver teapot, with one of the rarest marks on English silver,
Peter and Jonathan Bateman, sons of Hester Bateman. Offered by Janes Antiques

A selection of Art Deco Shelley trio sets. Offered by Beth

1930s Wade Heath Disney house teapot. Offered by Beth

1970s Japanese blue and white shallow teapot. Offered by Horner Antiques

1935 Art Deco platinum ring Royal Doulton tea set, casino pattern. Offered by Robinson Antiques

If this has whetted your appetite for a delicious afternoon tea, then be sure to visit our fantastic Roof Top Kitchen who offer a range of superb teas, coffees and homemade cakes.

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