Thursday, 7 January 2016

British Museum - Faith after the Pharaohs

Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs, explores religious history in Egypt over 12 centuries, as the land was transformed by the practices of Jews, Christians and Muslims. This exhibition of around 200 objects will tell the story of the transition from a traditional society largely worshipping many gods to a society devoted to One God.

This transition has shaped the modern world, and the journey Egypt took in this period continues to influence the country and wider region today.

Some of the most notable treasures from this exhibition, include one of the world’s oldest surviving Bibles, a pair of 6 - 7th century door curtains, and over 200,000 texts from Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo.

The oldest bible and one of the most important books in the world, Codex Sinaiticus

One of pair of curtains, decorated with Christian imagery and classical imagery, 6th–7th century AD

Rare surviving texts from Ben Ezra Synagogue which reveal daily lives in medieval Cairo 

Below we have selected a few Egyptian inspired items in homage to this magical and mysterious land.

Egyptian inspired Art Nouveau necklace, offered by Carole Collier

1970s celluloid and brass studded scarab brooch, offered by Tony Durante

Neiger Egyptian revival brooch with red bead glass, offered by April Antiques

Art Deco Egyptian Revival necklace, offered by April Antiques

Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs at the British Museum will run until 7 February, 2016.

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