Thursday, 2 March 2017

Women Of The World

The 2017 edition of the Women of the World festival is due to begin next week at London's Southbank Centre and coincides with International Women's Day, which falls annually on 8th March. The event runs from Tuesday 7 - Sunday 12 March and tickets can be purchased here.

The Festival was set up in 2010 with the aim of celebrating women from many cultures and backgrounds across the globe, looking at obstacles they face and championing achievements, in the hope of inspiring future generations of young women.

The festival is set up to be diverse; showcasing a range of performers and holding workshops and mentoring sessions. Influential speakers are also an important part of the festival and in the past have included names such as Annie Lennox, Vivienne Westwood, Julie Walters and Grayson Perry.

Being home to a diverse range of stock, Alfies of course has a number of items depicting women across the world. Here are a few of our favourites.

Chinese reverse glass painting, late 19th Century. Offered by Hongman Yang

Namji fertility doll from Ghana, early 20th Century. Offered by Diplomat Treasures International

Art Nouveau alabaster maiden sculpture, 19th Century Italian. Offered by Diplomat Treasures International

Portrait of a Hindu lady by Archibald Zigler, oil on canvas, 20th Century. Offered by Robert McKoy Fine Arts

English wood carving of a Tribal African woman, 1950s. Offered by Andrew Martin at stand F046-49/F057-58

Headshots of famous American actresses, 20th Century. Offered by i Fine and Contemporary Art

Pencil drawing of a woman signed by P J Hopkins, late 20th century. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts

Austrian painted terracotta tribeswoman, 1950s. Offered by Andrew Martin at stand F046-49/F057-58

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