Friday, 10 March 2017

Spring is in the Air

Spring is the period of time between the vernal equinox, which falls around 21 March each year, and the summer solstice, which takes place every year on 21 June. The beauty of spring make us feel joyful and as the season sets in, the trees put forth new leaves, seeds sprout, flowers bloom and there is a sense of renewal and new life all around. 

At Alfies there's no shortage of Spring inspired items. Take a look at our delightful selection.

Victorian botanical print, Narcissus, available from i Fine & Contemporary Art

Left: Murano glass rabbit; Right: Small glass rabbit c1960s. Available from i Fine & Contemporary Art

1950s silver bunny small pendant charm, available from Good Time Antiques

Chinese vase with garden scene, c1880, available from Diplomat Treasures International

Bonsai - Privet, with 1920s Chinese ornaments, 7 pieces, available from Hongman Yang

Handpainted floral gilt mirror, available from June Victor at Alfies

Original Art Deco wall plaque by Burleigh pottery, available from Beth

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