Thursday, 16 March 2017

Daniel Raphael: New Gallery Opens on Church Street

The Daniel Raphael Art Gallery is a new addition to the Church Street family at No. 26 across the road from Alfies. The gallery opened last week, Friday 10 March, with their launch exhibition featuring works from six contemporary artists.

Daniel is the youngest trader on Church Street, having recently graduated from the University of Bristol with a view to pursuing a dream in the art world. One of the main aims of the gallery space, is to provide a platform for interactive, thought provoking and original exhibitions. The space will display both the works of well-established  and emerging artists, helping new artists establish themselves in the art world.

The location at number 26 is also comprised of several studio spaces, which are available to rent on a monthly basis - the gallery boasts WiFi and an outdoor garden/patio area, as well as all the usual amenities such as kitchen and bathroom. This combination of studio and gallery space provides artists with the unique opportunity to work and exhibit in the same environment. 

Below are some examples of work you will find on display in the exhibition, all from up and coming artists.
 The Girls, by Audrey Dangoor.

Black Water Reservoir, 2017. By Victoria Young Jamieson.

Hampstead Pond Early Spring. By Simon Hatchard Parr. 50 x 60 inches.

Blackwater Reservoir, by Madeleine Gardiner. 100 x 100cm.

Daniel Raphael Art Gallery
26 Church Street, London, NW8 8EP

Facebook/Instagram: @danielraphaelart

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