Thursday, 11 May 2017

May's Birthstone: Emerald

The Emerald is a jewel of long history, legend and fascination. Whilst there are other green gems such as Jade, Tourmaline and Peridot, it is always the Emerald that is associated with landscapes and nature because of its vivid colour - Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle and Seattle is referred to as the Emerald City. Even Thailand's most sacred religious icon is known as the 'Emerald Buddha'. The name is derived from Ancient Greece and the first known Emerald mines were in Egypt, with Cleopatra being particularly fond of the gem, using them to adorn many of her royal outfits.

The stone is part of the 'Beryl' family of gemstones and legend says that it holds a number of mystical properties, including being able to see into the future if the stone is placed under the tongue. Not to mention its use to reveal the truth and ward off evil spirits.

The colour of the Emerald is said to reflect new Spring growth, making it the perfect birthstone for the month of May, and of course here at Alfies we have some perfect Emerald pieces to offer.

An Austrian/Hungarian emerald and pearl silver bracelet, 1860s/70s. Offered by Zeeba Jewels.

Left to Right: A two carat diamond and three carat emerald ring, 1980s; A French Art Deco emerald and diamond ring, 1930s. Offered by Kieron Reilly

A Wedgwood shell plate 1920s/30s. Offered by W & L Antiques
A diamond and emerald bow brooch, 1940s. Offered by Zeeba Jewels

Art Deco diamond and emerald rings, 1930s. Offered by Kieron Reilly

An American jug with diamond detailing, 1940s. Offered by Renato

An emerald and diamond 18ct necklace, 1980s, Offered by Zeeba Jewels

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