Thursday, 20 July 2017

July's Birthstone: Ruby

Rubies, the birthstone of July, are often used to represent love, health and wisdom and are widely considered to be the king of gems. To this day it is still the most valuable gemstone with the value increasing based on colour and quality. 

Traditionally, it was believed that wearing a ruby would bestow good fortune upon its owner, making all those born in July a very lucky bunch indeed.

Alfies isn't short of these lucky charms, read on to see just a small selection of our favourites.

A pair of 1980s natural ruby and diamond earrings set in 18ct gold. Offered by Kieron Reilly
A Victorian cranberry glass vase. Offered by Sheila Cameron

A 1950s paste brooch. Offered by April Antiques
A Whitefriars ruby glass molar vase with controlled bubble details. Offered by Robinson Antiques
1940s natural ruby and diamond brooches. Offered by Zeeba Jewels
A 1950s Japanese lacquerware sherry glass and tray set. Offered by Horner Antiques

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