Thursday, 18 January 2018

Abstract at Alfies

Abstract Art is one of the most popular and enduring art movements with many gravitating towards the style for the space away from reality that it provides. Whilst abstract styles can be seen in some of the world's earliest cultures, the movement started to gain popularity in the 19th Century, with the 20th Century being considered its peak and producing many of the artists and works we associate with the art form today.

Whilst the departure from reality that this style of art often depicts can be slight, partial or total, the movement can generally be characterised by a few key traits. Firstly, abstract art makes no attempt to represent reality. Objects, figures and landscapes are usually simplified. Colour and form are often explored. Some reoccurring themes are block colours, geometric shapes, and use of texture. Abstract art has often been defined as artists painting what they feel as opposed to what they see.

Wassily Kandinsky is generally credited with painting one of the first recognised completely abstract works, and is still considered one of the movement's leading artists to this day. Just a few popular artists that are considered to be leaders within this style are Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Robert Delaunay.

With a large variety of art to be seen around Alfies, we knew there would be some interesting abstract pieces on offer. Here are just a few of our favourite:

'Running Man' painting, oil on board, 1980s. Available from Robert McKoy Fine Arts

A Joseph Weiss signed painting with Hebrew inscription on the back, oil on canvas, 1950s. Available from i Fine & Contemporary Art

'Large Abstract Study' painting by Derrick Latimer Sayer, mixed media on paper, contemporary. Available from Thomas Fine Art

A Portrait by Steve McCahn (student of Leon Kossoff), oil on canvas, contemporary. Available from Diplomat Treasure International

'Sylvette' a lithograph signed by Picasso, 1954. Authenticated by Bonhams. Available from i Fine & Contemporary Art

Abstract painting of a stained glass window, watercolour, 1980s. Available from Robert McKoy Fine Arts

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