Thursday, 22 March 2018

Spring has Sprung

This week Spring has officially begun. With the arrival of March 21st, so too comes the arrival of the period that marks the start of seasonal rebirth. Following Winter - which symbolises death - Spring is viewed as the resurrection and represents rejuvenation and renewal. These symbolic representations are long standing and can be seen throughout culture in poetry, literature, theatre and art. Common depictions of this season are flowers, baby animals, and vibrant shades of yellow and green.

With this in mind we took a look around Alfies to find some Spring like representations of our own..

An Oriental decorated vase. Available from Hongman Yang

A floral watercolour, 1934. Available from Moe Heidarieh

A Carlton Ware buttercup sugar shaker, c1930s. Available from Beth

Flowers in vase, oil on canvas, c1930s. Available from i Fine & Contemporary Art

A Chinese 'Famille Noire' brush pot, late Qing period, c1900. Available from Horner Antiques

An Edwardian glass and enamel trinket pot. Available from Beth

A Chinese dinner plate with painted design, Qianlong, 18th Century. Available from Diplomat Treasures International

A floral print, c1870s. Available from Moe Heidarieh

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