Friday, 4 May 2018

May's Birthstone: Emerald

May is the heart of Spring, making the Emerald a very fitting birthstone for the month with its colour matching the lush growth and landscapes of the season. Just as Spring is associated with renewal, in the eyes of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the emerald is a symbol of rebirth.

The Egyptians also valued emeralds, considering them to have protective powers, which led to them using the gem in jewellery and burial ceremonies. Cleopatra is possibly the most famous character in history with a fondness for the emerald, using them heavily in her personal adornment and even taking ownership of all the emerald mines in Egypt during her reign.

Some of the oldest emeralds are estimated to be 2.97 billion years old and are still among the most valuable gemstones to own today.

In honour of the dazzling jewel, here is a selection of our favourites from Alfies:

Emerald and diamond baguette ring, 1980s. Available from Kieron Reilly

French Art Deco emerald and diamond filigree earrings, 1920s. Available from Pari's Jewellery

French Art Deco diamond and emerald platinum ring, 1920s. Available from Kieron Reilly

A diamond and emerald bow brooch, 1940s. Available from Zeeba Jewels

A Columbian emerald and diamond gold ring, custom made, 1970s. Available from Pari's Jewellery

Diamond and emerald drop earrings, 1970s. Available from Kieron Reilly

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