Thursday, 14 June 2018

Father's Day Gift Ideas at Alfies

In tribute of Father's Day on the 17th of June, we have put together some inspirational gifts for dad. We think the following ideas are a surefire hit... or, you could buy him his 27th pair of novelty socks. We know what he'd prefer!

Bowie by Dan Reaney. Limited edition acetate/chrome and glitter painting with signed certificate,
available from Planet Bazaar

Silver and onyx cufflinks, 1970s, available from Gloria Sinclair

Vintage bankers lamp by NIAM of France, c1920s, available from Travers Antiques
Leather and silver hipflask, available from Goldsmith & Perris

Cartier 18ct and sapphire tie clip, available from Kieron Rielly

Edwardian collapsible opera top hat, available from Linda Bee

Men's costume jewellery, c1970s ring with ornate shank, diamond cut surface with a matt gold tone,
available from Arabella Bianco

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