Thursday, 7 June 2018

Flower Power

It's officially flower show season! Last month saw the iconic Chelsea Flower Show hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society with many more taking place through the Summer months right up until September. The RHS was founded in London in 1804 and has since become the UK's leading gardening charity. The society aims to promote horticulture making the UK a greener place through their inspirational flower shows, promotion and education.

Here are some of our favourite plant based pieces from around Alfies:

A Monet print, 1970s. Available from Moe Heidarieh

A Chinese prunus vase, 1916. Available from Horner Antiques

A Jean Allen dress, 1960s. Available from June Victor

Flowers in vase painting, signed, 1940s. Available from i Fine & Contemporary Art

An enamel flower scent bottle, 1970s. Available from Gloria Sinclair

A watercolor floral painting by Lucy Kemp Welsh, 1930s. Available from Robert McKoy Fine Arts

A floral button down dress, 1950s. Available from June Victor

A floral painting, oil on board, 1950s. Available from i Fine & Contemporary Art

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