Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Treasured Possessions

If you haven't heard already, next week sees the start of the annual Coutts Jewellery Week. Coutts highlights work of both up-and-coming jewellery designers as well as the more established ones through a whole load of fantastic exhibitions and events. 'Treasure' seems to be the main event of the week showcasing 40 of London's hottest new designers. Hatton Garden (London's historic jewellery quarter) will also be transformed during the week allowing visitors a rare glimpse into the world of the jewellery-maker. It should be well worth a visit!

I'm always pretty excited when I find a piece of jewellery that is so unique and seems so current. Even though they say fashion repeats itself I am still surprised when I find pieces from years ago holding their own against contemporary designers. Every time I look around Alfies I always manage to spot something that inspires me. Here are a few treasures that I found that made me remember you don't always have to follow the latest trends or the newest designers to stand out from the crowd!

This is a massive statement bangle by Chanel with natural pearls. It was most probably made in the 1950/60s and can be found in Francesca Martire's shop on the 1st Floor at Alfies. Francesca is mainly a furniture dealer but she has some really great jewellery hidden away by Mirium Haskell, Chanel and Swarovski.

This is another 1960s piece in 18ct gold. This ring is from Sormeh Ouji
who has an amazing collection of unique one-off pieces of jewellery

This brooch was designed and made by Arthur King and is offered by Pari's Jewellery at Alfies. It has a double pin on the back to stop it drooping under the weight of its large complex design.

This ring is undoubtedly my favourite piece at the moment. It's an Italian ring from the 1960s and is made from 3 colours of brushed 18ct gold. It's beautiful. This piece is for sale at Pari's Jewellery on the ground floor at Alfies.

To view more super-chic jewellery like this click here and search 'jewellery.'

Coutts Jewellery Week runs from 8th - 14th June 2009.
here to get a 2 for 1 voucher to visit the Treasure exhibition next weekend.

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Rahul Sharma said...

Pretty unusual but unique design and amazing crafted rings.... i love the last one most.....

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