Thursday, 29 July 2010

Vintage blogs

This post is dedicated to all those hard working bloggers out there who come up with fantastic vintage blogs! It was very hard to choose, but here are a few of our favourites over at Alfies.

First up is Yesterday Girl. I love this blog, Jennie really loves, and is very knowledgeable about, vintage clothes and lifestyle. What more could you ask for, lots of nice pretty dresses and reading what this London based gal has been up to!

She's got great style!

Bleubird is a fantastic blog, so full of inspiration it's like our own vintage soap! Owner of Bleubird Vintage, this stylish lady has a wardrobe that I'm sure most of her readers envy! You can also keep track of Miss James's pregnancy along with adorable letters written to her unborn baby! A must-read for vintage lovers.

Welcome to Deluxeville is a new find for me, this is a great blog for lovers of mid century design. You can see Marys thrifty finds and lots of nice shots of her fabulous looking home! Very inspirational!

Take a look at her amazing house!

Leila from our very own Ninas Hair Parlour has a great blog, Welcome into my Vintage World This 60's and 70's loving hairdresser shows us some of her fantastic work and other creative projects!

Below is some of Leila's handiwork, fantastic Marcel waves!

Leila looking fabulous!

Lastly is vintage gal extraordinaire Fleur de Guerre's blog Diary of a Vintage Girl. This super glamorous 1940s pin ups blog is a brilliantly detailed with lots of fashion inspiration and handy tips for other enthusiasts!

We hope this has given you all some other great blogs to follow and love as much as we do here at Alfies, and maybe it might inspire you to start your own blog?


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